Marketing Informal: Catch Up With FMCG

The world of FMCG has always been very responsive to cycles in consumer lifestyle. In the blink of an eye your brand loses its sex appeal and customers decide to switch to those competitors that did jump on the bandwagon.

It’s time to catch up.
It’s time to call in the experts on trends in FMCG and consumer behavior.

We have invited Prof. Gino Van Ossel (Professor at Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School) as the expert in the field of evolving shopping behavior.

Moreover, to fully understand what’s ahead of us we have asked Tom Palmaerts (Trendwatcher & Youthwatcher at Trendwolves) who has interviewed 25.000 youngsters across Europe to disclose us his insights on what we have to be expecting.

We will be expecting you.

Please reserve Thursday-evening September 17th to attend our next Vlerick Marketing Informal event at the offices of Electrabel (Gewijde Boomstraat 46, 1050 Elsene). Alumni-members access for free and there will be sandwiches and drinks at your disposal.
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18u45 doors open: sandwiches & drinks
19u30 Gino Van Ossel
20u00 Tom Palmaerts
20u30 Q&A
21u sandwiches & drinks
23u the end

This event is sponsored by 4C Consulting and Electrabel GDF Suez