Thanks to Prof. Dr. Marion Debruyne (Associate Professor & Partner Vlerick Management School), Hendrik Everaerts (CEO Design is Dead), Johan Van Dyck (Marketing Director Duvel Moorgat) and Guillaume Van der Stighelen (co-founder Duval Guillaume) these seats were filled in no time.
Thanks for showering us with ideas & Duvels.
See you on the next Marketing Shower!

the Marketing Shower: From eureka to chi ching

Four times a year we organize a 'Marketing Shower'. These are short revitalizing sessions on which experts sprinkle us with their insights. Wednesday 8/12/2010 you can plunge into the next Marketing Shower and let a steaming hot marketing topic pour down on you.

Ideas make the world go round. But how do you get them from under the shower and into the open world to fuel your business? We've invited four creativity experts to share their soap with us. So come on down and get showered with ideas & Duvels.

19h: Welcome

19u20: Marion Debruyne (Associate Professor & Partner Vlerick Management School)

19u30: Hendrik Everaerts (CEO Design is Dead)

19u50: Johan Van Dyck (Marketing Director Duvel Moortgat Brewery)

20u10: Guillaume Van der Stighelen (co-founder Duval Guillaume)

20u40: Duvels

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A spookin' good time

Thanks for the very creepy night!
check out the other pictures of the Halloween Reunion.

Halloween Reunion 2010: The Ghost Ship

Dear Marketing Alumnus,

Are you also nostalgic about your marketing studies at Vlerick? And convinced that it would be great to catch up with your former classmates again?

The Vlerick Marketing Alumni offer you the opportunity to do so, and would like to invite you to their yearly Halloween Reunion ! This year’s edition promises to be a true Halloween experience!

We welcome you on Wednesday October 20th 2010 for the Ghost Ship edition of the Halloween Reunion. Boarding time is 19h30, the venue is LeBateau (Muinkkaai 1) in Ghent (route)

Entrance is free for all marketing alumni (members and non-members) and this upon subscription via our event page!

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Looking forward meeting you and your former classmates,
Kind regards,

The Vlerick Marketing Alumni,

P.S.: Don’t forget to bring your business card!

Rebranding: presentations

Thanks for attending. It was a great start for our new concept.
Hope to see you next time!

The Marketing Shower: Rebranding

We are proud to announce that the very first edition of The Marketing Shower will take place on Wednesday June 9th in Brussels (BNP Paribas Fortis Auditorium). The central topic is "Rebranding".

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Before we go into the speaker- and eventdetails, we would like to introduce you to the values of the revamped "Vlerick Marketing Informeel", which was rebranded for the occasion.

"Four times a year you can plunge into The Marketing Shower to let a steaming hot marketing topic pour down on you. Each speaker throws in the towel after twenty minutes so you’ll quickly get showered with revitalizing stories."

Brands are like friends. They come and go, but truly great ones are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. How would you feel if a friend would suddenly change his/her hairdo, style or even name. How would you feel if you couldn’t recognize your friends anymore? Rebranding is a high risk branding matter with losing friends involved.


18u45: Open doors with sandwiches and drinks
19u10: Introduction

19u30: Erik Saelens
(founder & strategic director Brandhome, CV)

Rebranding and renaming, different but the same. Saelens will explain differences and similarities of rebranding and renaming operations. Out of the research he conducted over more than 160 of such operations he will give the top-line lessons learned and bells to ring when facing such an operation.

19u50: Frans Cornelis
(managing director Group marketing & communications, Randstad Holding nv - CV)

Randstad Group is the second largest HR services provider in the world. Cornelis will explain how the brand portfolio of the Group has been aligned. He will touch on the learnings of more than 100 rebranding and renaming operations that the Group has conducted over the past 2 years worldwide.

20u10: Francis Peene
(director Communication, BNP Paribas | Fortis, Retail & Private Banking Belgium)

BNP Paribas Fortis is the bank for a changing world. Peene will explain how BNP Paribas Fortis has rebranded itseld back into the drivers seat in Belgium. He will touch on the external and internal learnings of the renaming into BNP Paribas Fortis. And on the central promises that drove the rebranding forward.

20u30: Closure Peter Janssen (Founder Living/Brand)

20u45: Q&A + Networking with sandwiches and drinks

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