Measuring Customer Touchpoints

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"Customer Experience" was elected the hottest marketing buzzword of 2009. Yet... How can you actually measure customer experiences? How can you benchmark your company’s efforts? And consequently improve your marketing mix?

Our next Vlerick Marketing Informal is zooming into these questions by bringing you the experts in the field;

Keynote speakers

* Geert Martens
Managing Consultant 4C Consulting

"The Naïve to Natural model"

Geert will elaborate on a home-made methodology that enables a company to determine to what extent it is offering customer-centric experiences. Depending on the position of a company on the model, different action steps are outlined to improve the extent of customer-centricity. The model is backed up with data gathered in the Belgian market.

* Christophe Vergult - Director Customer Experience Research, Insites Consulting

"The Relationship Monitor"

What are today the success factors of a strong customer relationship? InSites Consulting's Relationship Monitor reveals the answer for 8 industries based on a in-depth study in 8 countries. The answer lies in compelling experiences tapping into underlying consumer needs, consistent with the brand promise over all touch points.

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